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Covenant is BACK!

by Arizok, 651 days ago

A few of us have decided the wait is over. Now that the expack KUNARK!!! (WOOT) is due, we are pushing for raiding on Isle again. 

X2 Raids/events start next Sunday the 16th in the afternoon and we will push into x4's that day or shortly after. Log in and have fun all day/night long!

We are currently in open recruitment, feel free to hit up Arizok/Demetrious/Nozgul if you want in on the action!

Apparently the original epic 1.0 is required on top of Ascension class lvl 5 to begin Epic 2.0, Covenant will be working on these to prep for Kunark!

Pre orders give a free lvl 100 toon. Jump in on the action with us!

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Subscription Sale

by ElineaJ, 697 days ago



Daybreak has a sale on subs for $72 for 1 year. That works out to $6 a month, and I think that's too good to pass up. Especially for folks who have more than 1 account, like Lime and I do. That sale price is only good until Monday night (8/29) at midnight, so work out your budgets if you can!

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Don't forget

by Arizok, 698 days ago

Create your free heroic toon! Check out the new content! 

Covenant is still recruiting!

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by Arizok, 714 days ago

We still have room for active players and those that want a raid spot! Come get the loots!

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Covenant breaks into x4 raids!

by Arizok, 721 days ago

Stygian x4 raid 3/5

Maldura x4 raid 1/8

Zek x4 raid trash cleared!

Come raid with Covenant and get awesome loot! We still have spots open!

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Covenant's First Official DKP Raid

by Arizok, 723 days ago

Sunday 5 pst July 31'st.

We are still recruiting, come get some awesome loot!


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Daybreak announces Isle of Refuge Tokens!

by Arizok, 726 days ago

The huge perk of this server is that we can raid for fun and for loot that doesn't just get muted. 

Covenant is accepting players from live to move to us and make a home where all raid loot matters!

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Recruiting / Server Firsts!

by Arizok, 727 days ago

Covenant holds Server First for ToT x2 Raid, half of Rum Cellar x4 Raid (plan to go finish for 8th runes), Skourge Keep Heroic, Master Chosen Heroic. We are farming hard for Eth runes/coins. Come get awesome loot!

Even if your class is closed, feel free to app anyway. 

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Server first x2 clear!

by Arizok, 729 days ago

Great job guys, x2 is now on farm. We are going to push hard for x4 raiding now!

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ToT x2

by Arizok, 732 days ago

Covenant cleared all but the last Boss in ToT x2 this week. We will go back and finish the zone soon! Thanks all for participating!

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